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Change Lifestyle Habits to Improve Serotonin Levels

Serotonin levels are not only affected by food and supplements you consume, but also the activities you include in your lifestyle. Serotonin is increased when you do pleasant things like get a therapeutic massage, spend time laughing with friends or doing a physical activity.


Exercise improves all positive brain chemicals and leads directly to feeling much better overall. Physical exertion outside the house or gym has been shown to be more effective than antidepressant medication and has no are the side effects. In fact, you’ll feel and look better.
While indoor exercise can help some and is beneficial to your cardiovascular health, getting out into the sunlight, which boosts vitamin D levels, and fresh air improves not only your brain chemistry but your enthusiasm and pleasure in the experience even more. After your workout, take several moments to sit somewhere naturally beautiful to relax, quiet your mind and enter a meditative state.


Although tanning and sunburns are unhealthy, having exposure to sunlight is essential for proper vitamin D levels and overall health of your body and brain. If you do have to stay inside a lot, artificial sunlight lamps can also help. Get plenty of daytime light, but when it is close to bedtime, make sure to shut off all your electronics that emit blue light. You might better visit website click here, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/, wikipedia, mayoclinic. These have been shown to lower melatonin levels by more than 20%.

While you are outside getting all the vitamin D from the sun, consider doing a bit of gardening as well. Some researchers are calling dirt the new Prozac because microbes found in most common garden soil actually boost serotonin production. Gardening has long been considered a relaxing and rejuvenating hobby and you get healthy food or beautiful flowers to enjoy as well.

Although the goal of maintaining appropriate serotonin levels is an end to anxiety, depression and feeling low, types of thoughts that may spring from these feelings can also affect the level of serotonin you produce. This makes it especially important to pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. Speaking positively to yourself, repeating affirmations and deflecting negativity can all promote the creation of serotonin and limit cortisol production. Meditation may help.

Adoption may be the right choice

There are many families that have financial problems and it can ruin yours babies childhood.

Baby boy posing for his first portrait
Baby boy posing for his first portrait

If you are in a very bad situation than you should think about giving your baby up for adoption. There are many mothers that have did this and they did that because they love their children and they want that they grow up in a healthy family.

Adoption is a very difficult decision but if your are thinking about that than you might have some problems. Adoptconsulting will help you with everything you need to know. They will guide you thru all the process of giving you baby away for adoption. They will find the best family that will suite for your needs and only when you will be happy with the family they will find, only than they will give you baby away. People are overthinking this complicated process. Thats why you should call adoptconsulting to get the best advice’s about children adoption.